ClanDestine #1 Released!

Our newly conceived “ClanDestine” Series represents an ever-changing variety of small-batch beers brewed surreptitiously until its eventual release is revealed. Bound by the veil of secrecy, our trusted staff stealthily convene in the bowels of the brewery and, in hushed tones, brainstorm the next savory brew destined for greatness. Whether aged in oak barrels or an original take on different styles, we trust intuitively that you will enjoy this series of specialty beers; once the “secret” is uncloaked, you are destined to join the clan.

Clandestine #1 Released November 2013

Amazing Grace

“Amazing Grace” started out as a Scottish Wee Heavy which we then aged for 9 months in French oak cognac barrels. The culmination of this rich nectar boasts an amazing depth of flavor. The initial nose of vanilla and cognac leads to a liquid mosaic of caramel, toffee, oak and plum ~ a celestial brew worthy of its name!

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  1. Jay
    Jay says:

    Nothing beats a Wee Heavy when the weather gets cold. I look forward to trying ClanDestine #1 soon. I haven’t seen it hit the shelves yet and as long as the price isn’t outrageous (some of the large breweries try to gouge on their specialty brews), it may be my choice winter beer this year!

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